Monday 29 August 2011

CGMO 2011 News on Tamil Murasu

This is posted by Lim Min's mum.

The girl in the picture is Surya Mathialagan, a Year 2 student from NUS High. She was interviewed by Tamil Murasu (the Tamil newspaper under SPH) on her CGMO achievements.

An English translation of the above article can be found in Edvantage website - Surya scores at maths Olympiad
EIGHT students - from Raffles Institution, NUS High and Raffles Girls' School - did Singapore proud at the recent China Girls Mathematical Olympiad.

They won one gold, two silver and four bronze medals at the event held in Shenzhen from July 30 to Aug 3... a vast improvement from last year's tally of one silver and four bronze medals.

NUS High School of Mathematics and Science Year 2 student Surya Mathialagan was the only Indian in the group. And she came home with a bronze medal.

A veteran of such maths Olympiads - she has been taking part in such competitions since she was in Primary 5 - this is Miss Mathialagan's first international medal. And the joy was evident when she told Tamil Murasu: "It gives me a lot of satisfaction when I solve tough mathematical problems."

The China Girls Mathematical Olympiad was introduced in 2002 as a domestic event but various countries have been invited to take part since. It comprises four questions that have to be completed in four hours. In Singapore, students undergo tests to qualify for the team representing the nation at the Olympiad.

Miss Mathialagan, who prepared for this Olympiad by tackling various mathematical questions for a minimum of six hours in the week leading up to the event, is now setting her sights higher. "I want to work harder and take part in the International Mathematical Olympiad. Once I do that, I want to win a medal and make Singapore proud," she said.

Friday 19 August 2011

2011 PSLE Orals

This is posted by LL
Orals are finally over ☺. Now we can throw away all our oral stuff.

I know my drawings fail. This is the picture of the Chinese oral (1st day) stickman version:

I said that it was a classroom (课室), but my mother said that it was a students' corner (学生园地/学习角落) . The thing at the top right is a notice board (布告栏/布告版)and the paper is torn. The girl on the left is hitting the other girl with a bundle of papers. Conversation topic is about small group discussion (小组讨论/小组活动)(I am not sure), and "what have you learnt?"

This is the picture of the English oral (2nd day) stickman version.

This is a clinic. The man at the left is giving a $50 note to the cashier. The girl in the middle is sobbing uncontrollably and her hand is bandaged; the door says the doctor's name but I forgot. The two boys at the bottom right are fighting over a toy car. Conversation topic is "Have you been to the clinic? Tell me about your experience."

Sunday 14 August 2011

Wednesday 3 August 2011

CGMO 2011 Singapore Team Results

This is posted by Lim Min's mum.

The CGMO Day 1 competition was on Monday, Day 2 yesterday, the marks were released at 11.30 pm last night (that is fast marking!) and the medal results revealed at about 11 am this morning.

Singapore's Results:

Aidi - 87 marks (Gold)
Pin Lin - 63 marks (Silver)
Lim Min - 60 marks (Silver)
Surya - 42 marks (Bronze)
Lydia - 36 marks (Bronze)
Si Ying - 33 marks (Bronze)
Belinda - 30 marks (Bronze)
Dorette - 18 marks (no medal, 加油for next year!)
Note: each day 4 qns, each qn carries 15 marks, total 120 marks. All marks awarded are in multiples of 3.

Cut-off marks for Gold, Silver and Bronze are 72, 48 and 21 respectively. It seems that this year the organiser decided to give out more medals (I heard, about 140 out of about 200 participants won medals), probably to make more people happy :)

Singapore has won a total of 1 Gold, 2 Silvers and 4 Bronzes. This is a commendable improvement over last year's haul of 1 Silver and 4 Bronzes :)