Wednesday 21 December 2022

Winter Applied Rationality Program (WARP) 2023

The Winter Applied Rationality Program (WARP) is an immersive workshop for analytically-minded students looking to understand themselves and the world. 

Where: USA 
When: March 2023 
Who: Applicants between 16-19 years old. 

From FAQ:
Who is the camp for?
At WARP, we're all about figuring out how to improve our thinking, and how that can translate into better doing. We welcome students curious about decision-making and modeling the world, and figuring out how to better test their beliefs against reality. If you're passionate about mathematics, logic, cognitive science, philosophy, economics, or history, we'll probably love to have you! 

Application is now open. Apply here. The application deadline is December 29, 2022.

The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, from game theory, cryptography, and mathematical logic, to AI safety, styles of communication, and cognitive science. The goal of the program is to help students hone rigorous, quantitative skills as they acquire a toolbox of useful concepts and practical techniques applicable in all walks of life. WARP's tuition, room, and board are free for all admitted students. Need-based travel scholarships are also available.

WARP is a collaborative project between the Summer Program for Applied Rationality (ESPR) and Cognition (SPARC) team, which often runs camps in the USA, and the European Summer Program on Rationality (ESPR) team, which runs them in the UK.

The WARP, ESPR and SPARC are good programmes! Lim Li went ESPR in 2017, from 18 August to 1 September. Some photos can be found in this post.

Monday 28 November 2022

Korean Dinner and Bingsu

Lim Min is in LA on official trip, visited Lim Jeck in Caltech.

Shopping at Costco Wholesale

Thursday 24 November 2022

Indeed Women Coders Contest 2022 Results

Indeed Women Coders Contest 2022 (Singapore)

Top 10 (in order of ranking)
Lim Li has won an iPhone 13, and Lim Min, a $50 Amazon gift card.

Saturday 12 November 2022

ICPC World Finals 2021 Results

The 45th International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC) World Finals was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh, from 6 to 11 Nov 2022. It was hosted by the University of Asia Pacific. 

The ICPC is an algorithmic programming contest, where the best brains compete annually. It’s a real Olympic Games for university students and postgraduates, whose teams compete in terms of speed, creativity and innovation in solving problems.

The delay in this ICPC World Finals 2021 contest is due to covid-19 pandemic. 

Top 12:

Team Singapore, comprising Zhang Guangxuan, Dinh Quang Minh Nguyen and Hoang Long Vuong with Dr Steven Halim (3rd from left).

Singapore Team is ranked #53

Tuesday 1 November 2022

2022 November/December Holidays Online Maths Olympiad Training

This is posted on behalf of Ms Tang. 

Ms Tang graduated with a Masters in Mathematics and was a former university Maths lecturer. 

She helped her children prepare for Mathematical Olympiads. Their achievements were as follows:
 • Gold, 3rd place in NMOS (National Mathematical Olympiad of Singapore) 
 • High Distinction, 2nd place in RIPMWC (Raffles Institution Primary Mathematics World Contest) 
 • Perfect score in PMWC in Hong Kong 
 • Platinum, 3rd place in SMOPS (Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary School) 
 • Perfect score in AMC 8 (American Mathematics Contest 8) 
 • High Distinction, Medalist in ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for School) 
 • Gold, 1st place in Singapore in SASMO (Singapore and Asian School Math Olympiad) 
 • Gold, 2nd place in SMO Junior 

She will be teaching in small groups (3 to 8 students). The lessons will be held on the online platform ZOOM. 


If you are interested, please contact Ms Tang via WhatsApp 85758636.

Sunday 23 October 2022

EGOI 2022 Results

The European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI) is an international competition for young women interested in Computer Science. It is similar in style to the International Olympiad in Informatics and is held annually by a different country each year.

The 2nd EGOI is held in Antalya, Turkey, from 16 to 23 October.

Top 10:

Jamie Lim (NUS High Year 5) came in overall 7th! She was the only participant from Singapore.

Sunday 9 October 2022

Meta Hacker Cup 2022 Round 3 Results


Top 25

The top 200 competitors will receive a special "Top 200" Meta Hacker Cup T-shirt. The top 25 contestants will advance to the final round.

Singapore's participants' ranking in the top 250:

Rank, Name (nickname), score 
#45 Zheyuan Yu, 53
#98 Jonathan Irvin (jonathanirvings), 40 
#100 Pooty Lim (lord pooty), 40 
#123 Wen Yuen Pang (pwypeanut), 39 
#126 Tia Shi Wei (maomao90), 39 
#127 Ashley Khoo (errorgorn), 39 
#152 Zhang Guangxuan, 39 
#192 Ng Yu Peng, 27 
#194 Benson Lin Zhan Li (bensonlzl), 27 
#198 Yunrui Wang (username), 27 
#213 Lim Jeck, 26

Tuesday 27 September 2022

2022 Alibaba Global Math Competition Results


Gold Award (4 winners) with 40,000 USD each 

Silver Award (6 winners) with 20,000 USD each 

Bronze Award (10 winners) with 10,000 USD each 

Honorable Mention (57 Winners) with 5,000 USD each

Lim Jeck, Dylan Toh and Barry Tng, who are all SIMO x-men (ex-Singapore IMO participants), won merit award and are awarded with US$5000 each.

Sunday 25 September 2022

Meta Hacker Cup 2022 Round 2 Results


Top 20

Singapore's participants in the Top 500 (who will proceed to Round 3 to be held on 9 Oct):

Rank, Name (nickname), score
#53 Ashley Khoo (errorgorn), 82
#96 Lim Jeck, 82
#154 Jonathan Irvin (jonathanirvings), 64
#162 Wen Yuen Pang (pwypeanut), 64
#190 Lim An Jun, 64
#193 Zhang Guangxuan, 64
#224 Yaw Chur Zhe (pavement), 64
#248 Yunrui Wang (username), 46
#266 Pooty Lim (lord pooty), 46
#284 Tia Shi Wei (maomao90), 46
#334 Bin Zhang (Origenes), 46
#362 Soum Choudhuri (socho), 46
#386 Zheyuan Yu, 46
#413 Benson Lin Zhan Li (bensonlzl), 46
#420 Ng Yu Peng, 46
#460 Zhang Jikun (caan_do), 46

Saturday 3 September 2022

SMO 2022 Top 10 Results

SMO 2022 Junior Section Top 10:

1. Yang Yi Han, Raffles Institution
2. Akash Thiagarajan, NUS High School of Math and Science
3. Chandranshu Nanda, NUS High School of Math and Science
4. Gao Zixiang, NUS High School of Math and Science
4. Mao Ruiyang, Raffles Institution
6. Sun Wenyuan, Raffles Institution
7. Choo Yi Jie Christopher, Hwa Chong Institution
8. Xu Ziyang, Raffles Institution
9. Lim Zu Wan, NUS High School of Math and Science
10. Ying Liqian, NUS High School of Math and Science
10. Seah Bing Xuan Aaron, Raffles Institution

SMO 2022 Senior Section Top 10:

1. Drew Michael Terren Ramirez, NUS High School of Math and Science
2. Yu Qinxi, Raffles Institution
3. Zeng Minghao, Manjusri Secondary School
4. Peh Yan Xi, Raffles Institution
5. Wang Jiayu, NUS High School of Math and Science
6. Zhao Yaoqi, Hwa Chong Institution
6. Kang Taeyoung, Raffles Institution
8. Aidan Ong Ming Feng, Hwa Chong Institution
8. Wan Tse Peng Lucien, Hwa Chong Institution
10. Loo Wayhan Brian, Hwa Chong Institution
10. Raphael Teng Zhi Xiang, NUS High School of Math and Science
10. Liu Xiuping, Raffles Institution

SMO 2022 Open Section Top 10:

1. Gabriel Goh Hao Xiang, Hwa Chong Institution
2. Mario Tanijaya, NUS High School of Math and Science
3. Ryan Wong Wern Jieh, Hwa Chong Institution
4. Drew Michael Terren Ramirez, NUS High School of Math and Science
5. Edden Chew Keyn-Hantz, NUS High School of Math and Science
6. Xu Ziyu, Hwa Chong Institution
6. Peh Yan Xi, Raffles Institution
8. Cheng Wenhao, Hwa Chong Institution
8. Krishnan Akash, NUS High School of Math and Science
8. Raphael Teng Zhi Xiang, NUS High School of Math and Science
8. Lai Pengchong, Raffles Institution

Friday 2 September 2022

MSI Katana GF66 notebook

Lim Jeck bought a new MSI Katana GF66 12UEK-882SG notebook today, from Comex Show 2022 (1 - 4 Sep 2022)

Processor 12th Gen Intel Core i7-1265H 
Operating system Windows 11 Home 
System Graphics Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 6GB
Display 15.6" FHD IPS LED 1920x1080 144Hz
Many free gifts eg. MSI Mouse, Thumb Drive, Backpack, Pouch, 9in1 Type C Multi-Port Hub
2 Years Warranty by MSI
Weight 2.2 kg
Price: S$1899

Previous computer notebook bought in 2016 is here

Monday 22 August 2022

International Chemistry Tournament 2022

The NUS High team (comprising Chan Chee Yong Leemen, Lee I-Shiang, Lim Yu Tong, Panshul Sharma, Vanisha Agrawal and Wong Yan Kai) successfully defended their championship title for the International Chemistry Tournament 2022

Friday 12 August 2022

IOI 2022 Singapore Team Results

Full Results (Final Scoreboard)

Singapore Team Results:
#15 Ashley Aragorn Khoo (Gold)
#54 Tan Si Jie (Silver)
#70 Daniel Toh Jing En (Silver)
#131 Joel Au Heng Hoi (Bronze)

Thursday 28 July 2022

Singapore Tech Internship/Fresh Graduate Salaries


Disclaimer: information below is based on the source above, accuracy is not guaranteed

Fresh Graduate 

Company, Role, Monthly Salary
Jane Street, Software Engineer, 20000 - 30000
Constructor, Software Engineer, 12500
Wintermute, Software Engineer, 12300
Shopee/Sea Labs, Software Engineer/Data Analyst/Quality Assurance Engineer, 4500 - 12000 with stocks and sign on bonus
Google, Software Engineer, 7167 - 10000 with stocks
Tesla, Data Scientist, 9800 with stocks
ExpressVPN, Software Engineer, 6000 - 9750 with stocks and sign on bonus
Facebook/Meta, Software Engineer, 9333 with stocks
Open Government Products, Software Engineer, 7770 - 9000 with sign on bonus
Indeed, Software Engineer/Data Scientist, 5000 - 8750 with stocks and sign on bonus
Motional, Software Engineer, 8000 - 8500 with stocks
Tiktok/ByteDance, Software Engineer/Data Engineer, 6800 - 8416 with stocks
Stripe, Software Engineer, 8333 with stocks and sign on bonus
3forge, Software Engineer, 8333
Sprinklr, Software Engineer, 8333 with stocks
Zendesk, Software Engineer, 7000 - 8200 with stocks
Alstom, Software Engineer, 8000
Hodlnaut, Software Engineer, 6000 - 7500
Dell, Data Engineer, 5417 - 7100 with stocks and sign on bonus
Squarepoint Capital, Software Engineer, 7083 with stocks
Shopback, Software Engineer, 6500  - 7000
AWS, Solutions Architect, 7000 with stocks and sign on bonus
Virtu Financial, Software Engineer, 7000
Goldman Sachs, Software Engineer, 5750 - 7000 with sign on bonus
Foodpanda, Software Engineer, 6600 - 6750 with sign on bonus
JP Morgan, Software Engineer, 5416 - 6666
Alphalab Capital, Software Engineer, 6500
Carousell, Software Engineer, 6500 with stocks
DBS, Software Engineer, 5000 - 6500
Grab, Software Engineer, 5500 - 6500 with stocks
Millennium Management, Software Engineer, 6250
Visa, Software Engineer, 6000 - 6200 with stocks
Autodesk, Software Engineer, 6083 with stocks
Razor, Data Analyst, 6000 with stocks
NCS, Software Engineer/Cybersecurity Consultant, 4000 - 6000
Titansoft, Data Analyst, 6000
Rakuten Asia, Software Engineer, 5800 with stocks
Accenture, Software Engineer, 5750
Standard Chartered Bank, Software Engineer, 5700
Bank of America, Software Engineer, 5100 - 5667
Ubisoft Singapore, Junior Data Scientist/Engineer/Tools Programmer/Gameplay Programmer, 3800 - 5600
Viki, Software Engineer, 5000 - 5600
Ninja Van, Software Engineer, 5500
SenseTime, Software Engineer, 5500
DBS, SEED Programme, 5500
DSO National Labs, Software Engineer/Data Analyst/Cybersecurity, 5000 - 5400
Thoughtworks, Software Developer, 4800 - 5400
DSTA, Software Engineer/Security Engineer, 5000 - 5300
Skyline Communications, System Developer, 5200
Atoms, Software Engineer, 5000
Micron, Software Engineer, 5000
Ramco Systems, Full Stack Developer, 5000
Lazada, Software Engineer, 5000
Titansoft, Software Developer, 4913
Acronis, Junior Software Engineer, 4600
Dyson, Software Engineer, 4200
Accuracy Corporate Advisory, Dispute Analyst, 4167
OCBC, Grad Program, 4100
Ernst and Young, Cyber Security Analyst/Technology Consulting Associate, 4000
Avanade, Software Engineer, 4000
MOF, Data Analyst, 3900
SIT, Research Engineer, 3800
Institute for Infocomm Research, Software Engineer, 3700
PSA, IT Operation Executive/Electrical Engineer, 2500 - 3600


Company, Role, Monthly Salary
Jane Street, Software Engineer/Quantitative Trader, 20000 - 25000, Software Engineer, 12000 
Jump Trading, TechOps, 11000
QuantEdge, Software Engineer, 11000
Facebook/Meta, Software Engineer, 6000 - 10250
DRW, Software Engineer, 9200
Trail of Bits, Security Engineer, 3424 - 9200
Binance, Software Engineer, 9000
Credit Suisse, Software Engineer, 7500
Motional, Software Engineer, 7500
Squarepoint Capital, Software Engineer, 7000 - 7083
Stripe, Software Engineer, 6000
Sprinklr, Software Engineer, 6000
Hypotenuse AI, Software Engineer, 6000
JP Morgan, Software Engineer, 5833 - 5883
Goldman Sachs, Software Engineer, 5750
Indeed, Software Engineer, 2500 - 5725
Google, Software Engineer, 4067 - 5700
Bank of America, Software Engineer/Infosecurity Analyst, 3300 - 5666
GIC, Software Engineer/GIP/Data Analyst, 2500 - 5600
Workato, Software Engineer, 5500
AlphaLab Capital, Software Engineer, 5000
Morgan Stanley, Software Engineer, 5000
TikTok/ByteDance, Software Engineer/Data Engineer/Machine Learning Engineer/Backend Engineer, 3600 - 5000
IBM, Software Engineer, 4500
Open Govt Products, Software Engineer/Product Manager, 3000 - 4500
Shopee/Sea Labs/Garena, Software Engineer, 2000 - 4200
Binance, Software Engineer, 4000
MAS, Programmer, 4000
Wise, Software Engineer, 3958
Apple, Software Engineer, 3000 - 3300
Ubisoft Singapore, Programmer, 3600 - 3700
Paypal, Software Engineer/InfoSec, 2000 - 3000
AWS, Solutions Architect, 3000
Citibank, Software Engineer, 3000
Amazon, Solutions Architect/Professional Services, 3000
SG Innovate Summation Series, Software Engineer, 3000
Shopback, Software Engineer, 1000 - 3000
Grab, Software Engineer/Product Management/Product Design, 1500 - 3000
Govtech, Software Engineer/Data Science Engineer/Product Management, 2000 - 3000
Standard Chartered Bank, Software Engineer/Technology & Innovation, 2900
Zendesk, Software Engineer, 2500 - 2610
Visa, Software Engineer, 2200 - 2500
Autodesk, Software Engineer, 2500
DSTA, ML Engineer, 2500, Software Engineer, 1000 - 2500
Cisco, Security Analyst, 2075
Carousell, Software Engineer, 2000
IDEMIA, Software Engineer, 2000
Agoda, Software Engineer, 2000
Daiwa Capital Markets, Cybersecurity, 2000
Ant Group, Software Engineer, 2000
Thales, Software Engineer, 1200 - 2000
Cloudflare, Software Engineer, 2000
IBM, Software Engineer, 2000
PayPal, Software Engineer, 2000
Autodesk, Software Engineer, 1800 - 2000
Procter & Gamble, Data Science, 2000
Equinix, Software Engineer, 1900
CSIT, Cybersecurity, 1800
DSO Science Laboratories, ML Engineer, 1800
Creative, Software Engineer, 1600 - 1800
IHiS, Data Analyst, 1200 - 1800
NCS, Software Engineer, 1700
Singtel, Cloud Engineer, 1700
Skyline Communication, Software Engineer, 1600
Grasshopper Pte Ltd, Software Engineer, 1200 - 1600
Acronis, Software Engineer, 1500
AMD, Software Engineer, 1500
DBS, Software Engineer, 1500
HTX, Cybersecurity, 1500
Dell, Software Engineer, 1500
IMDA, Data Science Intern, 1500
Alstom, Software Engineer, 1500
Micron, Network Engineer/Data Scientist, 1500
Infineon, Data Scientist, 1500
Accenture, Software Engineer/Business Analyst/Project Management, 1500
F5 Networks, Software Engineer, 1500
SG Innovate Infinity Series, Software Engineer, 1500
Borsh, Software Engineer, 1500
GlobalFoundries, QA, 1500
OCBC, Data Analyst, 1500
Workclass, Software Engineer, 1500
Mandiant, Cyber Threat Intelligence, 1500
HDB, Software Engineer, 1500
Panasonic, Software Engineer, 1500
Venture Corp, Software Engineer, 1500
Caro, Data Science, 1400
SAP, ML Engineer/AI Engineer, 1400
TikTok, Data Analyst, 1400
Bank of Singapore, Software Engineer, 1300
Seagate Technology, Software Engineer, 1300
UOB, Data Analyst, 1300
Amaris AI Pte Ltd, Software Engineer, 1200
Ascends, Software Engineer, 1200
Circles.Life, Software Engineer, 1200
Hope Technik, Software Engineer, 1200
ST Engineering, Software Engineer, 1200
Continental, Software Security Engineer, 1200
I2R, Software Engineer, 1200
Shopee, Systems QA, 1200
Illumina, Software Engineer, 1200
Schneider Electric, Software Engineer, 1200
IBM, Software Engineer, 1200
DHL, Software Engineer, 1200
CSIT, Software Engineer, 800 - 1200
Yara, Software Engineer, 1120
EMA, Research Intern, 1000
UCARS, Software Engineer, 1000
Stashaway, Software Engineer, 1000
Food Panda, Data Analyst, 1000
Razer, Software Engineer, 1000
NTUC Income, Software Engineer, 1000
Siemens, Data Engineer, 1000
ComfortDelGro, Business Analyst, 900
KPMG, Software Engineer, 850
PwC, Software Engineer, 800

Thursday 21 July 2022

IBO 2022 Singapore Team Results

The 33rd IBO was hosted by Yerevan State University, Yerevan, Armenia and it was held from 10 to 18 July. 

IBO 2022 Singapore Team Results

Gold - Owen Ong Jun Heng, RI
Gold - Koo Min Seo, NUSH
Silver - George Lee, NUSH
Bronze - Aravindh Velmurugan Kuppusamy, NUSH


Wednesday 20 July 2022

IChO 2022 Singapore Team Results

The 54th IChO was hosted by Tianjin, China and it was held from 10 to 18 July.

Full IChO 2022 Results

IChO 2022 Singapore Team Results

Gold - Adrian Ong Wee Wen, NUSH 
Gold - Vincent Yap Yi Fei, NUSH
Silver - Ryan Lim Chern Howe, HCI
Silver - Samuel Lim Kar Ern, HCI 


Sunday 17 July 2022

IPhO 2022 Singapore Team Results

IPhO 2022 was scheduled to be located in Belarus.  However, it was cancelled due to various difficulties faced in the organisation of such an event in Belarus. Instead, Switzerland has organized an online competition from 10 to 17 July.

IPhO 2022 Singapore Team Results 

Gold - Chen Guangyuan, RI
Silver - Gao Kehan, RI
Silver - Shen Xing Yang, NUSH
Silver - Sun Xiaoqing, RI
Silver - Tan Jun Wei, NUSH


Friday 15 July 2022

IMO 2022 Singapore Team Results

IMO 2022 Singapore Team Results

Silver - Cheng Wenhao, HCI
Silver - Wu Xinyue, HCI
Silver - Gabriel Goh, HCI
Silver - Drew Michael Terren Ramirez, NUSH
Bronze - Shevonne Chia, NUSH

Saturday 9 July 2022

Sec/JC/Uni Maths/Chemistry/Physics Tuition by NUS Graduate

This is posted on behalf of Wallace.

I am Wallace Tan Gian Yion and I have just graduated from NUS with a Double Degree in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics. 

In University, I graduated with two First Class Honours Degrees with a 5.00/5.00 GPA for Mathematics and 4.77/5.00 GPA for Chemical Engineering. I was awarded the Tan Teck Chwee Prize for being the top Year 3 Math student, and the Medal of Excellence in Mathematics for being one of the top students in the graduating cohort. I’ve made the Dean’s List several times in both Faculty of Science and Engineering. I also completed the Special Programme in Mathematics and have done well in various computing modules (such as CS3230 and CS3244). In addition, I have managed to co-author a paper in Crystal Growth and Design during my Chemical Engineering UROPs. 

In my secondary/JC school days, I achieved SJPO Gold, SPhO Bronze and SChO Silver. 

I am currently looking into tutoring some students. Previously, I have taught HL Mathematics, H3 Mathematics, and H2 Chemistry. Many of my students saw improvements in their grades. I also help out regularly on the SGExams Telegram Help Group for A level/IB Students. 

I am currently hoping to teach the following subjects:

University Mathematics
O/H2/H3/HL Mathematics 
H2 Further Mathematics 
H2/H3/HL Chemistry 
H2/HL Physics 

You may also contact me for other subjects related to my experience (like in Chemical Engineering) and we can discuss. 

Feel free to contact me on telegram at @thetgy or email at . I look forward to working with you.