Wednesday 17 August 2016

CWMI 2016 Singapore Team Results

From left: Yu Peng, Lucas, Jianzhi, Xiaorui, Puhua, Hong Pei, Gabriel, Estelle
Gold (114) - Cheng Puhua, Raffles Institution
Gold (105) - Wang Jianzhi, Raffles Institution
Gold (99)   - Gabriel Goh, NUS High
Gold (96)   - Zhang Xiaorui, NUS High
Gold (93)   - Ng Yu Peng, Hwa Chong Institution
Silver (48)  - Lucas Boo, Raffles Institution
Silver (45)  - Estelle Lee, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver (45)  - Goh Hong Pei, Hwa Chong Institution


IOI 2016 Singapore Team Results

Full Results

Gold - Jacob Teo, NUS High
Silver - Clarence Chew, NUS High
Silver - Pang Wen Yuen, Raffles Institution
Bronze - Zhang Guangxuan, Raffles Institution


Sunday 14 August 2016

CGMO 2016 Singapore Team Results

Full Results
Gold   (75) - Lim Li, NUS High
Silver(66?) - Li Anqi, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver  (54) - Shi Ruixin, Raffles Girls' Sec
Silver(45?) - Chen Xinyi, Raffles Girls' Sec
Anqi's and Xinyi's marks before appeal: 51 and 30. Cut off for Gold is ~69-72, Silver is ~42-45

Wednesday 10 August 2016

Off to Beijing, China

From left: Mr Wang, Anqi, Xinyi, Ruixin, Lim Li, Ms Chang

The Singapore Team left for China Girls Math Olympiad 2016 this morning, 0830 hrs on SQ802. They will be staying in Beijing No. 4 High School's dormitory.

10 Aug, Wed - Arrival and Registration
11 Aug, Thu - Opening Ceremony, Aerobics
12 Aug, Fri - Competition Day 1, Mathematics Lecture
13 Aug, Sat - Competition Day 2, Performance
14 Aug, Sun - Excursion and Closing Ceremony
15 Aug, Mon - Return to Singapore

Monday 8 August 2016

Featuring NUS High Alumni on NUS High Facebook

UCL Student Exchange Exam Results

Lim Min took 2 Math modules and 2 Computing modules in UCL, from Jan to Mar 2016. Her exams were held in May 2016.
COMPM068 Cryptanalysis is a masters/grad mod, there is no exam, mark is based entirely on project work and class participation

Tuesday 2 August 2016

IChO 2016 Singapore Team Results

IChO 2016 Full Results

IChO 2016 Singapore Team Results:

Gold - Nan Zhihan, NUS High
Gold - Matthew Wong Huai Zhe, RI
Silver - Wang Kaiying, RI
Silver - Glen Goh Wee Zhuan, NUS High