Friday 20 November 2015

Year 4 Semester 2 Progress Report

Lim Li's Year 4 Semester 2 results are as follows:

BL4108 Advanced Cell Biology II A-
CL4102 Chinese 4B B
CM4106 Chemical Equilibria and Thermodynamics A
EC4103 International and Development Economics B+
EL4104 Language in Society I B
MA4113 Advanced Mathematics IV A
MA4401 Polar Coordinates, Parametric and Vector Functions A+
PC4110 Advanced Physics I A+
PC4203 Physics Olympiad Training III B+

Semestral Grade Point Average (GPA): 4.3
Cumulative Average Point (CAP): 4.5

Mentor's Remarks
Conduct: Very Good
Lim Li is a highly self-motivated individual who shows determination, persistence and a never give-up attitude. She sets high personal standards and seeks to do well academically. A diminutive individual with strong opinions, Lim Li is frank and forthright as she shares her thoughts. She is well accepted by her peers and interacts well with them.

Friday 13 November 2015

Unconditional Offer from UCL for Affiliate Student Exchange

Lim Min does not need to pay tuition fees at UCL and Nanyang Scholarship will give a travel grant of S$5000. With $3000 from 6 months of living allowance provided by Nanyang Scholarship factored in, we probably need to fork out an additional $5000 for return air tickets and 5 months of living expenses in London.

Monday 2 November 2015

Affordable Sec Math & Physics Tuition, Math Olympiad Training

Updated on 24/11/15

Sorry, I am not accepting anymore new students. Thank you!
Lim Li
Looking for very affordable Math, Physics tuition or Math Olympiad training during November to December 2015 school holidays?

I am Lim Li, a current NUS High Year 4 (2015) student.  I can help you.

One-to-One subject tuition
Sec 1 to 4 Physics
Sec 1 to 4 Math
$50 for each 2-hr session

One-to-One Math Olympiad Training
$40 for each 2-hr session
Primary 6 - Sec 2 (SMO Junior)
$50 for each 2-hr session

Venue: strictly @ my home, Queens condo, postal code 148954. 2 minutes walking distance from Queenstown  MRT station.

For advanced Math Olympiad (SMO Senior/Open) and Physics Olympiad (SJPO/SPhO) training, please refer to here.

Sunday 1 November 2015

NTU 2015/2016 Sem 2 Exam Welfare Packages (EWP)

CN Yang Scholars Programme EWP
Crescent Hall EWP
NTU Student Union EWP
School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences EWP