Sunday, 7 June 2015

IBO 2015 Singapore Team and IPhO 2015 Singapore Team

The 26th IBO (International Biology Olympiad) will take place in Aarhus, Denmark, from 12 - 19 July 2015.

The following Year 6 (JC2) students are in the Singapore Team:

Daniel Tan, HCI
Theophila Toh, NUS High
Chang Jia Geng, RI
Samuel Fong, RI

The 46th IPhO (International Physics Olympiad) will be held in Mumbai, India, from 5 - 12 July 2015.

Our Singapore Team comprises the following Year 6 (JC2) students:

Joel Tan Shi Quan, NUS High
Joshua Lim, NUS High
Garett Tok, NUS High
Darren Chua, RI
Peter Yuen, RI

Congratulations to the above students!!


Anonymous said...

Peter Yuen, not Peter Ho.

Anonymous said...

hi, garett's name is spelled with 2 t's, not 2 r's. thank you!