Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Informatics Olympiad Training, IOI 2018, Internship, NUS SoC

Lim Li has been quite busy after she has finished her NUS High final exams in the second week of Oct. She has done/will be doing the following:

Oct - Nov:  Taught a group of Primary 4-6 students Intro to Informatics Olympiad (IO); they were taught in groups of two, 3 sessions per group
Nov: Provided IO training to RI and RGS students, in RI
Nov: Provided 4 sessions of Basic IO training to 30+ students (from various schools in Singapore), in NUS School of Computing (SoC)
Dec: Providing 12 sessions of Advanced IO training, in NUS SoC
Jun - Sep 2018: Main trainer for IOI 2018 Singapore Team
Sep 2018: Accompanying Singapore Team to IOI 2018 in Japan

She has also secured an internship with a game design company, from Jan to Apr 2018.

Aug 2018: Starting Computer Science undergraduate course at NUS SoC

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