Saturday, 27 July 2013

IMO 2013 Results Out!

The IMO 2013 results were released this morning.

China (Total score 208, 5 Gold 1 Silver) is ranked first, followed by Korea (Total score 204, 5 Gold 1 Silver) and USA (Total score 190, 4 Gold 2 Silver).

Singapore is ranked 6th (Total score 182, 1 Gold 5 Silver).

Country Results. Total 97 countries. Full listing is here.
No one has a perfect score this year. Lim Jeck is ranked 3rd, and he scored 40 marks, just 1 mark short of the two top scorers, from China and Korea.

Individual Results. Total 528 participants. Full listing is here.

Results of Singapore Team
From left: Eugene, Siah Yong, Yan Hao, Lim Jeck, David and Yijia
Lim Jeck's results from 2009 to 2013. This is his last year taking part in IMO.
Lim Jeck is currently ranked 8th in the IMO Hall of Fame :)


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tomcircle said...

Lim Jeck, well done! Hope you continue to do well in the university Math and towards a PhD in Math. Singapore needs one Fields medalist. Good luck!
My best wishes.