Friday, 30 September 2016

Arrival in Cambridge

Staying at Blue Boar Court, Trinity College.

The termly room charge is £1078.95 for 10 weeks, inclusive of room cleaning.

Favourite Rubik's cubes corner
Spacious room
with side lamp, arm chair and tables
on the left is cupboard, centre below is a heater (there are also 3 auto activated heaters around the room), on the right is a sink with mirror
Dining hall in Trinity College
Dinner. Chicken with mushroom sauce, parsley potatoes and mixed vegetables (£3.43)
Breakfast. Muesli with cold cream is only 71p. Free flow of coffee/tea or milk
Very standard breakfast set £3.43 each plate
Croissant is £1. Toast bread @ 5p per slice must be the cheapest breakfast in Trinity Dining Hall, free spread and free coffee, cheap and good :)
Bought detergent capsules for laundry. 1 wash is 2 credits 20 mins. Drying 1 credit, high temp option takes about 30 mins per cycle. 10 credits for £5

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