Monday 11 September 2023

Meta Hacker Cup 2023

Meta Hacker Cup 2023 Schedule 

Meta Hacker Cup is back! We’re excited to announce our schedule for our 2023 season, kicking off on September 22nd! 

Practice Round: Fri. Sept 22nd, 10am Pacific — Mon. Sep. 25th, 10am Pacific (72 hours)
Round 1: Sat. Oct. 7th, 10am — 1pm Pacific (3 hours) 
Round 2: Sat. Oct. 21th, 10am — 1pm Pacific (3 hours) 
Round 3: Sat. Nov. 4th, 10am — 1pm Pacific (3 hours) 
Finals: December 9th 2023 (Online) 

*While optional, we recommend you participate in the Practice Round to familiarize yourself with our submission system before Round 1, when time will be at a premium. To compete, you can register at Meta Coding Competitions at any time between now and September 25th.

You can expect familiar prizes including T-Shirts, Elite T-Shirts, and cash prizes for finalists. We’ll announce more prize details closer to Round 2.

We look forward to seeing you on the Practice Round’s scoreboard!

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