Saturday, 27 May 2017

Sprout 2017 workshops by NUS High Alumni

Sprout, first initiated in 2015, is a series of workshops held by NUS High Alumni for the current students. Ranging from various topics such as song writing to the use of antibiotics to hand lettering, Sprout aims to provide extra-curricular learning opportunities for the students and allow them to venture into different areas of interest.

Sprout 2017 will be held on the Term 3 Week 1, 27th (Tuesday) and 29th (Thursday) June.

Lim Jeck (Class of 2013) will be conducting a talk on Complex Analysis.

Other talks/workshops and their presentors:
How to Write a Song in 1.5h – Lee Yue Xin, Janelle Lee, Marion Pang (2016)
Story Telling in Interactive Media (Video Games) – Kuan Xiang Wen (2011)
Introduction to Basic Endgames in International Chess – Lau Yan Han (2014)
Basics of Hangul – Woo Si Jin, Cho Yu Hwa (2015)
Introduction to Lettering with a Pencil – Daniel Low (2016)
Introduction to Crochet for Complete Beginners – Dee Pei Fang (2014)
How to Sing like a Pro – Galen Tiong (2013)
Quantum Mechanics and Topics in Contemporary Physics Research – Ha Quang Trung (2014)
Introduction to Philosophy – Shashvat Shukla (2016)
Pet Care 101 – Tseng Liang Jun (2011)
What is in a Pun? – Javier Chai (2015)
Introductory lesson on the history and concepts surrounding freestyling (street dance) – Reico Ng (2008)
A Snippet of being a Poisons Expert: When, why and how to dose and give antibiotics safely – Janice Goh (2011)

For more details, refer to Sprout 2017 workshop descriptions

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