Monday 4 March 2024

Chinese Language Tuition by Experienced Tutor/ex-International School Teacher

This is posted on behalf of Ms Li. 

Ms. Lily Li has graduated from 安徽师范大学 with a degree in Chinese language and literature. She also has a Singapore early childhood education degree. 

Teaching Experience:
- Full-time Chinese tutor in a Singapore tuition centre for 5 years
- Full-time Chinese teacher in an international school for 4 years
- Familiar with the teaching materials of local and international schools

Her teaching methods are flexible and diverse, and she teaches students in accordance with their aptitude. The class will be lively and interesting, mainly student-oriented, to cultivate students good study habits and independent thinking ability. 

Ms Li aims to lay a solid foundation for her students, and improve their academic performance. She communicates and gets along well with her students. 

Fees (applicable to students who travel to her house near Queenstown MRT; for others, please discuss) : 
Preschool - $60 per hr
Primary School - $75 for 1.5 hrs
Secondary School - $105 for 1.5 hrs.

If you are interested, please contact Ms Li via WhatsApp 90278798.


目前专注于Pri 1-Sec4个人补习。教学方式灵活多样,因材施教,课堂活泼有趣,主要以学生为本,培养学生良好的学习习惯和独立的思考能力,兼顾打好扎实基础,提高学习成绩。李老师擅于和学生沟通,相处融洽,亦师亦友。

费用 (适合住靠近女皇镇的学生;住其他地方的学生,待商讨):
学前班: 1小时60元
小学生: 1.5小时75元
中学生: 1.5小时105元

有兴趣者,请 WhatsApp 李老师 90278798

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