Sunday 12 May 2013

APhO 2013 Results

Results of the 14th Asian Physics Olympiad.

Top performing countries include: China (8 Gold), Taiwan (5 Gold), Thailand (4 Gold), Singapore (3 Gold), Russia (3 Gold), Indonesia (2 Gold) and Vietnam (2 Gold).

20 countries and about 150 students participated in the APhO 2013. A total of 27 gold medals, 16 silver medals, 19 bronze medals and 12 honorable mention awards are given out.

From left: Wei Heng, Sean, Byorn, Daryl, Ashwin, Daniel, Lim Jeck and Jonathan.
Singapore Team bagged 8 medals as follows:
Gold: Lim Jeck (NUSH) ranked #9
Gold: Daniel Mark (RI) ranked #13
Gold: Sean Seet (NUSH) ranked #25
Silver: Jonathan Ang (NUSH)
Silver: Byorn Tan (NUSH)
Bronze: Bay Wei Heng (HCI)
Bronze: Ashwin (RI)
Bronze: Daryl Pay (RI)

Full Results

As Lim Jeck was told he should focus on only 1 and not 2 International Olympiads, he would have to make a choice between IMO and IPhO after he returns from APhO. What a tough decision for him to make!


Sean Seet said...

Russia got 3 golds also

Sean Seet said...

On Indonesia got 2 golds, 1st and 3rd place (female!)

Ng Bee Yong said...

Thanks Sean. I have updated the post.